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    cnn is reporting there is a shooting at the capital — shots allegedly fired — will update when more info is available… this is breaking now.

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    this started out as a comment — but i am still fuming.  so i’m taking the comment and turning it into a diary…

    in TomP’s diary about the comment directed at Hillary Clinton by a Greenpeace activist, she was annoyed — no, she was flat out angry!  i watched that comment and was still listening to all positions UNTIL i heard a sanders campaign spokesperson on cnn — sorry, i didn’t catch his name, i was too busy raging and coming “unhinged”.  i posted this, but it hasn’t been seen or responded to, so i am posting it as a diary to see if other women feel as i do. this isn’t about bernie sanders’ positions or hillary clinton’s positions on issues — this is about the dismissal of women by men who feel “entitled” by virtue of their gonads to label any reaction by a woman that isn’t “ladylike” or “proper” (according to amy vanderbilt) as “unhinged”.

    this is my comment from earlier today that is the basis for this diary...

    today a sanders campaign spokesperson made up my mind for me — i am livid!  i’ve been open to voting for either candidate and have been listening closely to both sides.

    yesterday, clinton got angry — candidates do that.  her response was measured and forceful, yet calmly angry — she stated that she was “sick” of the sanders campaign telling lies about her.  

    i’ve watched sanders get angry — be animated and forceful about issues he cares about.  candidates do that.

    what has finally crossed a line for me was the sanders’ campaign spokesman on cnn describe clinton as “unhinged”— how is that?


    i forgot.

    women are not allowed to be angry — it is hysteria — it is unhinged — because we all know women are emotional and unable to express emotion without being “unhinged”.

    this, for me, has taken me back to the era when women weren’t allowed to do a “man’s” work because … uh… she bleeds and that makes her hysterics counterproductive.  women are not allowed to express anger.

    well, this woman is NOW “unhinged” and “angry” and, while not hysterical, i am flaming mad!

    to hear a male spokesperson for sanders campaign express this bulleffincrap again has finally made me realize i cannot vote for a candidate built on such misogyny — nope. cannot do it.

    “unhinged”……  riiiight!

    WATCH women become “unhinged” and then get the eff out of the way when we do!

    frankly, i’ve had it.
    i’ve been fired for speaking like a “person”, objecting to being objectified, for not having sex with my employer (that cost the company plenty!) and more. i’ve been treated as though my only value was how i could make coffee to the exact specification of the prick with a dick when that wasn’t my job, i’ve been chastised for having an opinion… 
    i’m 70. i am a betty freidan feminist. i am a person first, a woman second.  and i have opinions.  strong ones.  and i have EVERY right to express anger without men feeling threatened and labeling that justified anger as “unhinged”.

    that comment by a campaign spokesperson — a representative of sanders — finally put into words for me what has bothered me about bernie sanders from the getgo.  

    he “dismisses” those whose opinions he considers unworthy — those opinions that differ from his own.  he is, in my humble opinion, a softer version of ralph nadar with his call for a “revolution” that is as unrealistic as the masses rising up carrying pitchforks and marching on washington! 

    it sounds glorious. it sounds righteous, but it is not do-able. not practical. not possible.  given that this nation is made up of multiple facets, all of which are needed to move the ship of state even a millimeter, factionalizing any part of that process only serves to block progress.  we cannot bully our way to what we want without overrunning a vast majority of people who don’t agree with our views.  and we can’t continually label those we disagree with — we cannot succeed by disparaging the “others”.
    my gut reaction to the comment that clinton was “unhinged” when ignoring that bernie is “righteous” in his “anger” really illumintated the division for me between these two candidates.

    the two choices are clear:  one whose idealogy is pure and clear (and unrealistic in its ability to accomplishment those goals and choices, imho) OR the “pragmatist” who understands the political reality of our current system of government.

    i went down the pure ideology road once — i worked like a demon to get mcgovern elected… instead, we were taken to the woodshed by those whose opinions differed and were afraid of the passionate loyalty to goals that could not be accomplished.   

    i see that again coming into focus with this primary.  the polarization within our own party, the extreme views that diminish those who disagree in any part (supporters who attack those who offer a differing view) and the attempts to diminish the opponent rather than debating the validity of the ideas and the ability to accomplish those goals — that is happening yet again.

    i vaguely remember hearing or reading once that if you live long enough, all ideas come around again.  for me, this is 1972 with different faces — only this time, i pray for a more successful outcome.

    in the meantime, i plan to go become “unhinged” every where i can get a set of ears to listen to what i have to say — and i plan to get out and campaign to get clinton elected.  

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    i keep watching political rallies and several keep reminding me of this… please post your favorite flashback in the comments!

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    tonite watching the msnbc coverage of the nice, france, tragedy, the incompetence of american broadcast media strikes an appalling chord!  now, when i want facts, truth, i search overseas media from the source nation or from international sources because our media has nothing to do with real journalism any longer.

    for example, on msnbc, the driver of the truck is described in elaborate multisyllabic words and phrases for maximum shock effect with voices rising in horrified pitch while describing the scene.  in the european and british press, the driver of the truck that killed so many was simply described as a thug, a 31 yr old criminal with multiple run-ins with the law — he held both tunisian and french papers and appears to have acted alone. the truck was a rental, he was wearing a helmet in preparation for the ultimate confrontation with the police (according to eye-witnesses), yet, the msnbc anchor Alex Witt (NOT julia banderas as i mislabeled, mea culpa!) does what so many american talking heads do — she personalizes the experience and breathlessly describes what SHE perceives to be the story.  there is no separation between reporter (which she isn’t) and the story — as if her opinion is the story, her reaction is the story.  it isn’t and, frankly, i don’t care WHAT the bobbleheads think or feel or tell in the breathless speculation. i want facts, damnit. i want information without the intrusion of the hosts of the infotainment media. 

    in the rush to find “experts”, the truck was described as “filled with explosives when the “weapons” that were allegedly in the back of the truck, according to french media, were fake long guns and an inactive grenade. yet, the anchors compare this act with the first trade center bombing — when there IS no reason to compare. ALL of the updates found on overseas media sites that appear to value fact over speculation, including this timeline from the telegraph in UK.

    "He was known to the police for violence, and using weapons, but had no direct links with terrorism," said an investigating source. "His identity car was found in the lorry. He had French and Tunisian nationality."

    A search of the vehicle uncovered a pistol, a larger gun, and a number of fake weapons and grenades.

    what do we get?  we get witt (with her long blonde hair perfectly curled over one shoulder) interviewing some guy named brian from philadelphia who is frantically speculating how this is isis and a coordinated attack with a truck load of explosives like the first trade center bombing that could have brought down a hotel or building and... and… and… and… — none of which has been verified or confirmed.  the speculation and bloviating opinions have NOTHING to do with the facts known or unknown! each of these people, anchors, media pundits, SHOULD have staff that are capable of googling the overseas media to find out the facts as released by the french before going off on wild tangents of scenarios they, themselves create.  they are not doing that — instead, they are drawing their own pictures and agendas based on what “sells”.  this has nothing to do with journalism — it has everything to do with tabloid broadcasting and is just the tip of the mountain of pretend that claims to be “american journalism”.

    this is why we have a trump so close to the white house. this is why we have the majority of those polled (in the cleverly worded push polls) that claim clinton is “dishonest” (remember that old question, “when did you stop beating your spouse?”) this is why the american public is so damned ignorant!  (but, but, but, i saw it on TEEVEE, so it MUST be “true”)

    we are in a world of trouble when there is no legitimate media in this nation. when WE do not hold those with the microphones accountable, we will lose our right to know truth.

    when we have msnbc and cnn anchors (and faux and more) so busy expousing their own opinions that their guests have no time to offer information or fact, we are in trouble.

    when we shut down analog signals making the population purchase the digital cable paid advertising stations with a smattering of pretend news outlets, we are in trouble.

    when online opinions and blogs attempt to replace real journalists (who are experienced in research and fact finding and who actually verify from multiple sources), we are in trouble.

    what is the solution? i don’t know. turn off the cable? refuse to allow undocumented and unverified “reports” to go unchallenged? how many hours are in a day.

    what i fear is that the internet will be monitored to shut down the “terrorist” sites while limiting our ability to find truth, to do research, to learn and verify.  already, gingrich is stating that anyone who searches a “terrorist” site should be charged with a felony and any site promoting “terrorism” should be shut down — is this an excuse to shut down greater news sources?  i fear we are in trouble.

    i don’t know the solution. but i don’t like the lack of veracity in our current entertainment shows that pass for “media”— especially when it is so damned easy to do that research to verify before making wild claims (that will boost ratings or the (lack of) credibility of the “experts” called on to spout off their opinions.

    when WE write, we can verify, research, link and source the materials we publish. WE can become the “citizen journalists” ONLY if we do our own hard work in finding out the facts before we publish.  and, we MUST delineate between opinion and factual news! the two are NOT the same!

    where have all the real journalists gone? done in by the likes of the van gorden sauters of the world who object to what they perceived to be “liberal bias” when, in actuality, the bias was toward presenting ALL the facts and letting the viewers decide what is truth. (read and weep the links above)

    i weep for america in all its ignorance — for a nation uninformed or, worse, misinformed.


    we are in trouble.

    Edward R. Murrow

    We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. When the loyal opposition dies, I think the soul of America dies with it.

    Anyone who isn't confused really doesn't understand the situation.
    We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.
    To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful.
    No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices.
    The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer.
    Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar.
    Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices - just recognize them.
    The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.

    A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

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    my GOD, he is rambling — he is all over the place and periodically remembers to mention pence, in between talking about how awesome he, trump, is.

    his audience appears to be going numb — the applause is smattering, ill-timed, not given at the approriate applause lines — sounds like trump has some heavy clappers planted to let the audience know when to clap — but the enthusiasm is definitely missing!

    this is absolutely scary — he is delusional, offering the usual platitudes without substance and keeps forgetting to read the speech to introduce pence. heck, pence could die of old age before drumpkoff ever gets him to the podium! sheesh — if this guy gets elected, then those who voted for him DESERVE him — just not the rest of us. and if i hear the word “fantastic” one more time, i’m going to throw something at the screen!

    yes, i’m watching so you don’t have to — i just wish there were something of merit to report.


    oh. wait.

    he actually introduced him — now to see how long he lets him have that mike!

    “on behalf of my family, blah blah blah  — thank donald trump, melania and his family on behalf of the sacrifices they are making to make america great again!”

    he just enthusiastically sold his soul by accepting shyster don’s offer. now comes the gushing over the man he told people before the primary was over wasn’t fit to be president.  wonder how many pieces of silver he got.

    i love/hate hypocrites.  love them for their entertainment factor, hate them for the lying ways and deception.

    now pence is quoting reagan. i’m surprised the ghost of ronnie doesn’t spring from the earth (or mausoleum) to drive these two clown/freaks out of the party!

    well, the “christian, conservative and a republican, in that order” is now giving his own bio.  i’m gonna be sick.

    ok, yall — someone else will have to do this — my stomach can’t take any more!

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    the republican convention has started — the presentations of colors then the little kiddies leading the pledge of allegiance (got their costumes wrong, though, someone forgot to bring the brown outfits).

    then the singing of the chorus singing the national anthem — missed the name — something angels? wonder if it is the westboro baptist choir.

    now a rabbi wolf offering an invocation — hmmm wonder how he felt to be the second choice since ivanka’s rabbi suddenly realized this was a political event and bowed out.

    good grief! this guy is NOT a cantor — his monotone is best described as a student of gene wilder!  NOOOOOOOOooooo!  please, PLEASE stop — i can’t type and laugh at the same time! now the colors are retired.  at least the republican gave seniors a chance to be seen — not a single color guard under 70, i’m guessing.  

    music as the crowd sits.   so happy together? SO HAPPY TOGETHER!!!!!  THIS IS THEIR LEAD IN SONG! BWAAAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAA  — maybe they are dedicating this to mitch mcconnell?

    Please tell me this isn’t SNL running on monday morning!  

    ok — the rest fo the comments — i can’t do this = can’t see through the tears!

    uh oh — the chair is making a timely announcement for roll call announcements — must be provided in advance with satisfied number of delegates written blah blah — NO YOU CAN NOT NOMINATE ANYBODY BUT TRUMP!!!!

    oh — fudge — go watch… and help keep up the commentary below.

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  • 07/18/16--13:19: chaos in cleveland!
  • chair abandons podium after enough delegates gain enough signatures to get roll call vote on amending the rules.

    pandemonium breaks out. podium is empty. there is trouble in cleveland. everything has ground to a halt in the proceedings as they try to figure out what to do next.


    the chair is back. putting the vote on rules back up without giving roll call vote. this is about the 2020 election rules.  re-doing the voice vote and claiming the ayes have it, again. chaos continues to demand a roll call vote.  this isn’t going to end well, i fear.

    point of order called.

    chair asked if anyone was seeking recognition. more chaos.

    chair recognizes delegate from utah.  makes a motion for roll call vote on rules.

    secretary received a request from nine states, subsequently received withrawals removing three states, meaning insufficient support for  call vote. MORE chaos!

    now, protestors are chanting we wont go.

    chair of west va just moved the floor program forward.  unknown what will happen next.  while the behind the scenes trump supporters did was force people to recant signatures. it looks like they have stopped the roll call vote.

    trying to change the subject. not sure where this will go next.

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    um — ok — i can get representing immigrants — but #rincetwiceandrepeat just welcomed a coalition of international blahblahblah… representing around the world …. blahblabbityblah … to say the pledge of allegiance. they mumbled it and then the crowd grumbled something then some brown’s fan was supposed to sing the national anthem… fortunately, msnbc cut away to the talking heads who are FINALLY starting to come out of their somnambulistic stupor.


    is he saying that other nations need to pledge allegiance to the u.s.?  is he trying to say these people are former immigrants?  i really don’t get it! is this the token swipe at supporting immigration but only if it happened generations ago?

    at the rnc where you can find the best “HUH?” moments anywhere on the intertubes!

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    wow!  alaska’s delegate, dave donnelly, a former senator, has just stopped the convention because the chair overrode their votes — the alaskan state party voted that their delegates would go to the individual candidates selected, NOT just handed over to trump.

    they are protesting on the floor — and they have held up the speakers lined up for tonite.  wow!

    more to follow!  this is unfolding now.  

    ryan is now ‘splaining the rules again — a rule that affects about “four” states.

    the rule maker is explaining the chair is required to read the “bound” vote — argle bargle snargle smurf… and, “do you understand”?  

    he is saying that the vote is correct as to how alaska voted but because there is only one candidate left, the secretary is required to report the votes to that candidate — ryan is still recording the votes to be for trump to the boos of that delegation — 

    chair is prepared to report the results.

    oopsie doopsie

    donnelly is saying “...they need to come back and clean this mess up”— saying the alaska delegation suspended “that rule” that was just used to flip the alaska votes to trump — he said they (the rnc) never talked to their delegation about this.

    now the new meme is “meaningless side show”— 

    the pundits are saying that it may end up another “significant” speaker will be talking to a half empty convention hall. 

    also, the pundits are pointing out that the rnc has known this was about to happen for months and have not been able to do anything about it.

    doesn’t this say volumes about what would happen with a trump presidency!

    why am i laughing…. i SHOULD be crying! 

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    honestly, where to begin?

    with donnie, jr who is out to prove like mother, like son, his speech last night appears to be a recycled version of an article in the the american conservative magazine three months ago...but, but, but… no magical unicorns involved THIS time! 

    it seems that baby drumpf's “maybe” speechwriter, frank buckley”, didn't actually “plagerize” the words since he (buckley) wrote them. either the did-he-or-did-he-not-act-as-speechwriter simply “recycle” his own earlier words he wrote and put them in junior's mouth as junior’s OR he is saying that junior had permission to pass of buckley’s words as his own.  

    once again, the daily show and twitter are run by libruls out to do those poor drumpfs in — a plot by hillary, of course!

    wow. just when you’d think it was safe to go back on the podium again for a drumpf.

    then there’s this... 

    seems like don the con may be at it yet again. what, you say? well, hiring contractors without having money to pay them. the rnc convention is way underfunded, so will don the businessman simply try to declare bankruptcy a fifth time? heck, why not! after all, he’s just practicing before he bankrupts the nation, both financially and morally. for don the con, this should be a piece of cake!

    BUT, it seems he DOES have a teeny weeny problem! (no, not THAT one!)  there are rules about repaying oneself for one’s own loans to the csmpaign that change once he is the official candidate, which happened yesterday!

    from this article in the atlantic from june 22, 2016, there’s this:

    Trump owed far more to creditors in April than any other federal campaign committee, according to FEC records. While aggregate statistics aren’t yet available for May, he’s probably still at least toward the top of the list. No other major presidential campaign in the last eight years has saved so little or gone so deeply into debt. Hillary Clinton has more than $30 million in the bank and carries only $600,000 in loans; Bernie Sanders, he of the $27 donation, is debt-free and holds about $5 million in reserves.

    and he has a limited time to pay himself back! 

    That means the billionaire has a deadline. If he has any hope of seeing his own money paid back, his campaign needs to raise more than $40 million in the next month. That’s on top of the millions he needs per month to actually run for president. In May, Trump raised just $3 million. Momentum is not on his side.

    Yes, the Republican National Committee will undoubtedly help the campaign out. And Trump has said before that he wouldn’t try to recoup his loans. Then again, he also wasn’t going to accept outside donations; Tuesday saw the launch of his first fundraising email. Read cynically, his offer to match each donation with a contribution of his own could seem like a clever way to guarantee ready capital to repay his own investment, should he structure his contribution as another self-backed loan.

    oh, and for that first fund-raising email — to the members of parliament in england and canada?  JUST kidding, mates!  

    and people think this clown can run a government — hell, he can’t even keep his own family out of hot water!  so much for the power of money!

    and, it isn’t even 5 am (california time) yet!  

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    an hour ago, several gunmen in germany fired on a mcdonalds outside the olympia mall in munich then went into the mall and continued to fire.  the gunmen disappeared into the german subway resulting in the shutdown of that system as the german police try to locate them.

    msnbc, cnn and fox, plus other u.s. media now are full-time dedicating their bully pulpit to showing scenes of german traffic moving through cautious police lines while declaring this is “terrorism”.

    it may very well be, but the fear-mongering that is taking place without break by the american media as they breathlessly report the hostility between european nations and the recent immigrants means that american public is being brainwashed into FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! the regular broadcast channels are NOT spending every second glorifying this attack — regular programs is still on the airways.  

    by spending every minute on the attacks, the media is complicit in giving the appearance that there is a terrorist around every corner in every neighborhood, and, in a way, they are correct. there is — on the teevee screen polluting the cable networks!

    we wonder why there is a segment of this nation that is so fearful — and, thus, rises donald trump.

    0 0

    this is disturbing and i hope it is NOT a sign of what is to come.  the loud boos are from male voices. doesn’t that just sum it up. creepy. men. creepy!  good for her, she is continuing to address the crowd and when she started with the shooting early this am in ft myers, then men in the room are disrupting.  i do not hear women booing. only men.

    this is not good.

    this makes me more than ever think those hacked discussions were instigated for trump, if not by him. trump is already tweeting about the hack.

    as for the “scandal”?  how many of us think weaver is an ass. i do and did. and who hasn’t expressed an opinion in a private exchange that we would not want to have publicized. i heard the comments. there is NOTHING that is devastating but it is being used to turn the democratic convention on its head, which is exactly what the gob want.

    shouting her down in the start of the convention is exactly what trump wanted… and it is being blared all over the media!

    this sucks.

    and i really think some progressives are damned stupid!  welcome to trump world.

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    this documentary is enormous in drawing the complexity of allied cooperation in this battle that was the beginning of the end of the european war.

    i am struck by the secrecy of coordinating the massive air and sea invasion along with the meticulous attention to every detail.


    i am appropriately terrified at the thought of donald trump being in a similar position. how would our allies cooperate in such an effort if having to deal with a blustering buffoon and fool who knows nothing of world politics.

    last night, president obama and all those who spoke talked of listra, readiness.  preparedness, as tim kaine described it, is not something one can cram for in 24 or less hours. the need to be able to understand complexities of any situation, any major critical situation, cannot be dismissed.

    we need to all bombard the media with the seriousness of the world situation should trump be allowed to go unchallenged into a position of ultimate power.

    the world will not survive.

    what other pasr military operations are you remembering… we need a way to reach the roght who believe in the military as our protection. raising doubt into trump’s capabilities and knowledge might be one strategy.

    0 0

    over the years, the olympic games have opened to fanfare, national pride, celebrations and so much more, but never have i seen anything like the opening of these Olympics in Brazil! go watch the replay — the visuals are indescribable!  

    unlike prior Olympics, this opening was the most political i have ever seen — from the ancestors of the indigenous people who first inhabited brazil through the first explorers to the introduction of slavery to the political divide today plus adding climate change, as well, this was an extraordinary introduction to the artistry of brazil that shows that art is not dependent on money. the dancers used simple props from silvery blue air-filled pillows that shimmered and created the ocean to the elastic green streamers that were intertwined into multiple geometric patterns to represent the growth of the rain forests.

    from there, the country grew to show the evolution of modern rio — from a flying machine that the brazilians say predate the wright brothers — the show was mesmerizing. it didn’t need to be electronic — it was simple, elegant, artistic and filled with imagery that will stay within the mind as all good art does!

    the opening greeting by the interim president (brazil has recently removed the elected president dilma rousseff for financial reasons) stressed the unity of all nations in times of strife and crisis. the opening also stressed the equality of all — and it was done with performances that left the commentators speechless — that, in itself, is a rare feat to have the paid talking heads absolutely quiet in stunned silence.

    the refugee team received special recognition for their contribution to the games representing those who suffer yet perservere. 

    Vanderlei de Lima lit the torch to begin the games. de Lima was the olympic marathoner who was in first place 12 years ago but he was attacked by a spectator and, as a result, fell to third place.

    there was so much more — it is impossible to do this justice — all i can say is go watch it. here is how you can see the opening ceremony here...

    brazil has been the center of such speculation by the media about how they weren’t ready, how they were not up to the task. tonite proved those talking heads once again to be wrong.

    i’m looking forward to seeing what is in store and to learning more about our neighbors to the south. 

    kudos, Brazil!  what an amazing show! what an amazing statement on human rights! what an amazing introduction to your wonderful country!

    brazil knows theatre and theirs, tonite, was the best i’ve seen in a long time! now, time to learn to samba!

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  • 08/15/16--07:28: may i scream now?
  • i’m watching the grand prix special in dressage — this is a musical performance with the music set to compliment the horse and rider’s movements through the test.  the first section was awesome — NO announcer, just the music selection and the horse and rider dancing for the judges. 

    unfortunately, the second segment, the two mouthy announcers were back and insisted on giving THEIR opinions over the music and riders — totally killing the beauty of the musical kur!

    what are these egomaniacs thinking!  people watching the olympics wanted to hear them describe “nice punching through behind on those changes” or to actually SEE the horse in tempe!

    nbc screwed the pony on this one — the poor rider, hans peter minderhoud, had his entire performance overshadowed by the blithering comments on how the sun makes this blah blah blah — quite warmer days --— blah blah blah — and how “stephen peters was very first in the ring….” 
    PLEASE dog, make them SHUT UP!!!  i hate to turn OFF the music during a musical kur but since i’m not hearing it, that may be the only way to watch!

    i guess i should be happy that they evidently missed the opening hour.  we were truly blessed by the music -— and their silence.  

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    i am surprised this hasn’t gone viral — trump was interviewed on July 24 by chuck todd.

    trump actually told todd that romney releasing his tax returns was the reason he lost the election! (from nbc MTP actual transcript):  

    Meet the Press - July 24, 2016



    Rebuked, done. Okay. Tax returns. A lot of conspiracy theories are being out there about why-- what's in your tax returns. You would get rid of all these conspiracy theories tomorrow-- 


    Let me tell you-- 


    Probably make people look silly-- 


    Let me tell you. Let me give you a little lesson on tax returns. First of all, you don't learn very much from a tax return. I put in to the federal elections group 100 and some-odd pages of my financials. It showed, as you know, that I'm much wealthier than anybody even understood, okay? Tremendous cash, tremendous assets, tremendous all that stuff. Okay, that's it. I'm going through a routine audit. Just a routine audit, and I've had it for I think 14 years, 13 years-- 




    Every year they audit me. It's routine government. I would never give my tax returns until the audit's finished. But remember this: Mitt Romney, four years ago, was under tremendous pressure to give his tax returns. And he held it and held it and held it, and he fought it, and he, you know, he didn't do too well, okay? But he didn't do anything wrong on his taxes. When he gave his tax returns, people forget, not now. He gave them in September, before the election-- 


    So you still might release them— 

    then trump said the obvious…  


    No, wait a minute, wait a minute. When he did, and his tax returns are a tiny peanut compared to mine, they went through his tax returns. And they found one little sentence, another little-- there was nothing wrong. And they made him look bad. In fact I think he lost his election because of that.  [emphasis mine]


    Because of the tax returns? 


    I think he lost. And I'll tell you why: He didn't do anything wrong. Mitt Romney did nothing wrong. But they would take out of, his weren't too big. Have you ever seen mine with the picture, they're like this high?  [emphasis mine]


    I have seen that picture, yes. 


    Okay, so they took his tax return and they found a couple of little things. Nothing wrong, just standard. And they made him look very bad, very unfair.  [emphasis mine]  But with all that said, I'd love to give them, but I'm under audit. When the audit's finished I'll give them.

    trump admits that he is concerned his tax returns will cost him the election! this raises the question again, what is he hiding!  

    for the full interview, go here — the tax discussion starts 18:31 seconds into the interview: Meet The Press - July 24, 2016 Todd/Trump interview 

    ask the media to demand trump release his tax returns NOW!

    0 0

    while being interviewed by chris matthews, rudy said the reason trump claimed obama wasn’t a citizen was due to clinton’s campaign making that claim in the first place.

    frothy santorum has a new rival — frothy giuliani!
    i wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him without being up to date on rabies vaccine! hardball — you should watch the actual interview — matthews goes after rudy and rudy just gets more and more delusional!

    sorry for the short post — but i had to share!  when the video comes out — i’ll add that in.  in the meantime, media matters has the video up already.

    0 0

    msnbc’s mark helpern is now obsessed with clinton’s body — having doctor after doctor telling her how she should be treating her body because everybody knows that men know best for women’s bodies — and clinton’s body belongs to a woman so these men (mark halpern) have every right to discuss HER medical health and body.

    just caught dr. jeff torres talking about how many times a 68 year old should have a coloscopy done — so, now men want to make sure women candidates get probed as they see fit?  i don’t think i’ve ever been more disgusted.  are they going to also talk about whether donald trump has had a proctology exam?  has his prostate been checked recently? is it yuuuuuuge?

    and the women talking bobble heads aren’t any better — at the very least, though, they didn’t call a male doctor in to talk about how many times a 68 yr old should have had coloscopies.

    for the record, i don’t oppose quality health preventative measures such as a colonoscopy — but it is a PRIVATE matter between the patient and the doctor!  

    now, the claim is that the health problem clinton has is that is “reinforces her dishonesty” _ HONESTLY?  clinton can’t win with the media no matter what she does. they are now insisting that clinton should have gone to the hospital — and that she didn’t because she said “it would look bad”— they just manufactured an entirely non-existent scenario!  they create the dialogue and then claim that is what happened!  WHO is going to call these dishonest brokers of fake news out!

    i have never been more embarrassed about the america mess media than now… and it will only get worse.  this particular style of reporting is going the way of the republican party in it’s self-destructive behavior!

    the only way to stop them is by attacking their advertisers — money — that is the only way! time to start a diary of who is financing these shows and start telling the advertisers “NO MORE”!

    0 0

    wow — wow!  the church where trump is giving his “speech” has been interrupted multiple times with the members of the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Michigan — the pastor came out on stage and stopped him and told him he was not there to deliver a political speech!  the members of the church interrupted him several times when he tried to continue trashing of clinton and the current administration.  he looked like a deer in the headlights!  he mumbled a bit more then left the podium to very “polite” applause!

    how did msnbc cover this?  the claimed trump was “heckled”— then admitted the pastor came out on stage and stopped trump dead in his tracks and told him that they did not want to hear political speeches.

    wow!  more as it comes in — but msnbc, of course, blew the coverage — it didn’t fit their narrative — they were covering it live, though, so they can’t say it didn’t happen! no glossing over THIS fiasco!

    0 0
  • 09/19/16--22:06: help.
  • ok — the events in ny for the last fews days threw me off track from an immediate and serious problem i’m facing!

    this past thursday, the right front wheel of my car broke — snapped at the bushing assembly right in front of the district fire headquarters.

    in an emergency, there is nothing like having five awesome firefighters come rushing to see if lyublyu and i were okay, walking us out of the middle of the road and bringing us water and keeping us company until they got a call to go rescue 12 folks stuck in an elevator at facebook.  the tow truck came — my car is now at repair shop where i got the news that this is a $1400+ repair (both front bushing assemblies at the minimum need replacing, the wheel and rim were trashed from driving (or not driving) while the wheel slammed repeatedly into the wheel well.

    ok, looks aren’t everything — my battered fender is a reminder to heed that screeching noise that was warning me of the catastrophe-to-come.

    the cost of the repair job is a minimum estimate — this holds only IF the rack and pinion isn’t damaged. it does include an alignment from my car abruptly diving to the pavement while blamming away in the right front wheel well.

    not a good thing, this is — so i am now faced with borrowing a friend’s vehicle for a few days while i am getting the funds together to spring my car from the mechanic — which brings me to this diary!

    since starting the dog diaries and articles on retail rescue 2 ½ years ago, i’ve sorely neglected my etsy shop and jewelry making. i can no longer afford to do that right now! i have a 29 yr old horse that depends on me and my being able to get to the barn at any hour should he need me. SOOOOOOoooo — here’s what i’m doing — i’m putting up my jewelry back up and adding future pieces to raise the wheel on that right front so i can once again be mobile.

    this is a perfect time to go christmas shopping, birthday shopping, personal shopping and, at the same time, help get a fellow kossack back on the road again!

    if you can, please go to my etsy shop here and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy — i’ll be adding new items all week until i have enough funds to reclaim my car. the borrowed vehicle is a very, VERY temporary solution, so i’m racing the clock here.

    here’s the link to the EdriesShop on Etsy

    if you’d like to support my continued coverage of retail rescue starting with the piper saga and growing to cover the animal rights war on pet owners, if you can also kick in a penny or two to my paypal link  at edrie . blackwelder @ gmail . com (remove the spaces added to stymy the bots!) that will really help! there are two critical cases facing deadlines right now that need more attention than i can muster due to the car crisis.

    to see what i’ve been up to on that score, please go to the piperslegacy website where we are raising funds to assist several owners who have had pets seized under questionable circumstances and held for outrageous bond until these cases reach the courtroom!

    right now, everything is dead in the water, from politics to puppies, until i have a working vehicle again!

    lyublyu also says HELP! he is lost without his own “pony”! thanks (in advance) for your help!

    0 0

    this is a very disturbing interview on so many counts.  his views on women as nothing more than objects comes across clearly in this interview.  at 9:00 minutes into this, his chauvanism comes through — throughout the entire interview, however, his views of women as expressed by his description of ivana and marla is clear, right down to the accidental meeting by the two women in aspen.  his comments are all about him — nothing acknowledging the human beings that he toys with.

    his discussion of the pre-nuptial agreement with maples is another example of how he likes to stiff people.  this man is disgusting. how he is able to be as high in the polls defies logic and reason. his “success” tells us more about this nation and its problems than we want to admit.  forget what is wrong with kansas — what is wrong with AMERICA!  this man is a classic narcissist.  he must NOT be allowed anywhere near the seat of power!  

    0 0

    The workers soon to lose their jobs in Atlantic City have alot to say about donald trump as the last casino bearing his name shuts down.

    3000 people face layoffs after carl ichan has filed paperwork to close down the Trump Taj Mahal saying he has lost millions.  this closure follows the month long strike by casino workers against the taj mahal.

    Tony Rodio, president of Tropicana Entertainment, which runs the Taj Mahal, said management decided Wednesday it can no longer operate a money-losing property in the midst of a strike by Local 54 of the Unite-HERE union. 

    "Our directors cannot just allow the Taj to continue burning through tens of millions of dollars when the union has singlehandedly blocked any path to profitability," he said.

     carl ichan, a longtime trump friend, bought the casino following the bankrupcy filings but allowed the trump name to remain prominently displayed on the boardwalk.  What is not known is whether trump is receiving compensation for the use of his trademark name.

    at issue with the unions are healthcare provisions and pension benefits agreed to by the bankruptcy court in 2014. ichan offered the benefits at a rate lower than what was approved by that court.

    Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Trump's presidential campaign, told the AP, "Mr. Trump made a tremendous amount of money in Atlantic City during its prime. He has not been involved for seven years, with many people giving him great credit for his timing and success." 

    The central issue in the strike is restoration of health insurance and pension benefits that previous owners got a bankruptcy court judge to approve in October 2014. Icahn offered to restore health insurance to Taj Mahal workers, but at a level less than what workers at the city's other seven casinos receive.

    once again, it is the worker, the little guy, that loses when involved with anything to do with the trump name — this candidate who claims he will work for the little guy seems to always be on the losing end of any relationship — even once removed.

    as david hannum once said referencing p.t. barnum:

    "There's a sucker born every minute." 

    unfortunately, a large segment of americans still willing to trust trump and prove this to be true.  

    0 0

    NY Atty General Eric Schneidermann has just served the foundation with a “shut it down” order regarding veteran’s fundraiser!  MORE as it evolves! does not mean the foundation has to stop GIVING money — only that it has to stop soliciting money!

    Charitable foundations must be registered with the state to be able to legally raise funds, however, according to the Washington Post, Atty Gen. Schneidermann has declined to state whether this lack of registration is the reason for the Cease and Desist Order.  

    Schneiderman’s office declined to comment on whether it was investigating the lack of registration for the Trump Foundation. Schneiderman had previously launched an investigation of the foundation in the wake of reports by The Washington Post that Trump used his charity’s money to make a political gift, to buy paintings of himself and to settle legal disputes involving his for-profit businesses.

    IF the paperwork is the sole reason for the shutdown, the foundation now has 15 days to file the proper paperwork regarding the money raised for Veteran’s charity — if they don’t file the proper paperwork, they will have to refund the money raised so far.

    However, the Atty General is has been investigating multiple violations within the foundation:

    the lack of donations by mr trump into the foundation, two portraits of trump that are in his personal possession, as well as the political donation for pam bond (the foundation was fined $25,000 for that donation that was paid personally by trump who then paid the $25,000 back into the foundation).

    according to WAPO, Trump also has directed money owed his business to pay those funds into his tax free foundation.

    Donald Trump’s charitable foundation has received approximately $2.3 million from companies that owed money to Trump or one of his businesses but were instructed to pay Trump’s tax-exempt foundation instead, according to people familiar with the transactions.

    In cases where he diverted his own income to his foundation, tax experts said, Trump would still likely be required to pay taxes on the income. Trump has refused to release his personal tax returns. His campaign said he paid income tax on one of the donations, but did not respond to questions about the others.

    the question now is whether this is “too little, too late”— has the media failed so miserably at its job that people no longer care what this man does — they will vote for him anyway!  let’s hope the october surprises just keep on coming.  unless, of course, trump can make up enough stories to feed their frenzy until november.

    0 0

    are you aware that mike pence signed into law on July that makes it mandatory for all fetuses to have funerary treatment — either cremation or burial — even if the woman has a miscarriage at two months? Emma Green, writing for the Atlantic, explains the state mandated “ritual” burial:

    Here’s what will happen after a woman gets an abortion in the state of Indiana, starting this July. She will be told, verbally and in writing, that she has the right to choose what she does with her aborted fetus. She will be given a list of her options for disposal, and offered counseling. The fetus does not have to be named, but it will receive its own burial-transit form, just like any dead body. This form will travel with it to a funeral home, where it will be buried or cremated. There won’t necessarily be a ceremony; the fetus may not get its own headstone or urn. But it will be laid to rest in the way of a human. Aborted fetuses in Indiana, nearly all smaller than a peapod, will no longer be treated as medical waste.

    in an eye-popping article by emily crockett writing for VOX (oct 3, 2016):

    the wording of the burial provision meant that technically, even if a woman had a miscarriage at eight weeks of pregnancy at home, she would have to keep the blood and tissue, take it to a hospital or clinic, and have it buried or cremated by a funeral home. The law would have also dramatically increased the cost of an abortion, since providers would have had to spend time and money on arranging the funerary services.

    women in indiana fought back with their own campaign called “periods for pence” where gov. pence was invited to be present during gynocological exams and was kept updated on when women changed their tampons.  the movement is now on facebook renamed to “periods for politicians formerly periods for pence”.

    while women find a way to ridicule pence, the actual law is not funny at all. aside from the incredibly intrusive burden it places on women, this law would also ensure that no stem cell research could be obtained by destroying all fetal tissue following the end of the pregnancy. the speculated goal is to raise the cost of an abortion to make it prohibitive (along with slut shaming any woman who is not making live babies.
    the law signed by pence is one of a long line of punitive laws punishing women for pregnancy.  according to Planned Parenthood, pence was the first to introduce legislation to defund that organization while in congress:

    For years, Mike Pence has been on what Politico dubbed a “one-man crusade” to end patients’ access to care at Planned Parenthood health centers. In Congress, he started the whole “defund” Planned Parenthood thing: He introduced the first federal measure to block patients from care at Planned Parenthood… and then introduced five more… and said he’d shut down the government over it. He’s still trying. - See more at:

    in addition to the bloody law pence has signed into practice, he has a long history of being anti-woman. there is no abortion law that pence doesn’t love, including making it illegal to abort a fetus with disability.  this law endangers the health of the living human to protect an unviable fetus.  this begs the question “why”?
    looking at the trump/pence ticket, we are faced with a degree of misogeny never before given this much power.  from trump’s view of women based on the decimal system to pence’s insertion of his position into the private anatomy of women, we are shown two men who demean, disrespect and loathe women.  they are threatened by women who are autonomous, who are intelligent, who are independent of the domination of their male counterparts.
    we have been warned by the actions of these men in the past and to ignore those actions is at our own peril.

    pence also objected to condoms in the prevention of std’s as being “too modern”.  huh? in an interview with wolf blitzer, pence was asked about colin powell’s urging that condoms be used as an effective preventative for HIV/AIDS:  

    “I think it’s important for young people, especially, to protect themselves from the possibility of acquiring any sexually transmitted disease, but especially to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS, which is a plague that is upon the face of the earth,” Powell said.

    pence told blitzer that he disagreed with powell — comparing the “sad day” to “boxers and briefs”:  

    “Well, Wolf, I think it was — given the enormous stature that Colin Powell rightly has, not only in America but in the world community — it was a sad day. I don’t think any administration has had a worse day since boxers and briefs on MTV,” Pence said on CNN to Wolf Blitzer. “And the truth is that Colin Powell had an opportunity here to reaffirm this president’s commitment to abstinence as the best choice for our young people, and he chose not to do that in the first instance, but — and so I think it’s very sad.”

    “The other part is that, frankly, condoms are a very, very poor protection against sexually transmitted diseases, and in that sense, Wolf, this was — the secretary of state may be inadvertently misleading millions of young people and endangering lives,” continued Pence.

    Pence said the solution was “too modern” for him.

    pence and trump are both anti-science, anti-intellectual and both operate on pure lust for power over women and the nation. under NO circumstances must either of them EVER be allowed anywhere near the seat of power again!  their actions represent the anti-science trend in multiple states that have outlawed the use of any fetal tissue for research, as well.
    a trump/pence ticket would continue to pursue this attack on a woman’s right to abortion as well as critical medical research on diseases like spinal paralysis, alzheimers. rubella, hepatitis a, hiv, macular degeneration, and more.  the vaccine for polio was developed from research on fetal tissue from kidney cells.

    Indiana is not alone in its concern for the final resting place of fetuses. In March, South Dakota made it illegal to use aborted fetal tissue in research, and in April, Idaho and Alabama made it illegal to buy, sell, donate, or experiment on these remains. Tennessee made it illegal for sale. The legislatures of Ohio, South Carolina, and Mississippi have all recently considered burial and cremation requirements, and Arkansas and Georgia already have similar statutes in place. Like many of these other states, Indiana’s law effectively prohibits women or health-care facilities from donating fetal tissue for medical research.

    this is just the tip of the iceberg that will sink this country if these two suceed in winning this election!
    GOTV — go call  — go phone bank — try harder with that right winger friend or relative — these men can NOT win — ever again!

    0 0

    he mentioned his “perfectly formed beautiful hands”— really?  REALLY — he just HAD to go to the gutter during this fundraiser for catholic charities!  then he compared himself to god — as starting out as a “carpenter”—  he did have one good joke — hillary is cracking up — he mentioned that she accidentally bumped into him and said “pardon me”—  she cracked up — he then went on to say “talk to me after i get into office”— he is really not that funny — he is sliding the nastiness into the speech.   she is laughing at him, not with him — he just said after calling her a “nasty woman” and she went on and on — he has decided he likes rosie o’donnell a lot now. ugh.  

    let’s see what she has to say...

    ok — NOW this is funny!  he said that when michelle obama gives a speech, everybody loves it. then his wife melania gives the exact same speech and took a lot of grief for it — i just don’t GET it!”

     now THAT was funny!  

    0 0

    markos published his diary saying what we’ve been thinking — what IF… there is an accident, illness, emergency, weather, earthquake, flood, snowstorm, hurricane, tornado, or just a bad hair day! voting early when we can ensures our voices will be heard — and at my age (now 71), i have no guarantee of surviving the next two weeks!  actually, NO one has the guarantee that they won’t encounter something unexpected — so, we took markos’ words to heart and headed out to the county elections board today. this is our story — a real life proof of “voter fraud”!  trump will be at our door — why? because “we” voted!  (and everyone knows that a dog can’t legally vote — especially if he is not registered!

    now pooties are another story…   

    may i haz ballot please?
    I putz ballotz in dere?
    i can haz stickerz?
    i putz ma ballotz in box!
    now i proteks ballotz
    bark out da vote!

    lyublyu voices his approval now knowing our vote(s) will be counted for the first “bitch” for president!  WHOOO HOOOOOOOO GO HILLARY!

    0 0

    some have questioned my use of “re-opening”— this is due to the media repeatedly using this phrase, trump is using this phrase and the constant pushing by the republicans who are commenting on comey’s letter.  once this statement is made, it will be what stays with the audience who first hears it. msnbc is trying to walk back their own claim the case was being “re-opened” by blaming it on trump. um — no — i heard their orginal announcement on msnbc. they are trying to correct their error now.  too little, too late.  IF proper news reporting had been done, the damage now occurring by republicans and the news announcer, hallie jackson, would not be this serious!

    does anyone else find this troubling considering his unprecedented statement at the time of the determination?  i smell a rat. especially the timing.  more as it unfolds…

    comey sent the letter to 16 members of congress… let me guess their,political affiliation.

    and why do i get the feeling this is going to backfire on republicans!

    chaffetz sent tweet stating that he “just received an email” that the case was reopened.  

    msnbc said comey has been under great criticism from republicans for not prosecuting and this may be an attempt to,circle back and make sure he has covered everything. comey claims that some “new” information has come forward and is being looked into.  msnbc thinks he is just comey “keeping everyone on the loop” 

    now is the time to get out the rape and molestation charges, fraud at fake university, lawsuits, etc. and push hard.

    wow — RT announced this— how sweet — breaking even as the u.s. media announces this?  smell much?  

    comey’s letter:


    0 0

    This is the second time i’ve tried to edit this!

    i erred. this story first appeared in the guardian on oct 12, not today.  i mistakenly assumed it appeared today as i have not seen this covered in the u.s. media.  so the comey and this story are not in the same timeframe. however there are still questions that deserve an answer regarding both stories!

    why did every republican hitman and woman have prepared statements ready?  WHY did donald trump go into his rally 20 minutes early? WHY was the letter from comey announced while Clinton was in the air and out of reach of the media? well, we may know now... the Guardian has a fascinating story out, a federal judge in ny set the first court date against donald trump and jeffrey epstein in the alleged rape of a 13 year old girl:

    A federal judge in New York has ordered counsel for Donald Trump and the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein to appear in court along with the attorney for a woman referred to only as “Jane Doe” who alleges the Republican presidential nominee raped her when she was 13.

    Judge Ronnie Abrams has slated an initial status conference in the civil lawsuit for 16 December in a New York district court. 

    The order raises the extraordinary prospect, were Trump to win the 8 November battle for the White House, of counsel for a US president-elect being called into federal court in proceedings relating to allegations of rape of an underage girl.

    has the media even mentioned this? has a single reporter covered this case at all?   nope.

    while this story has garnered NO attention in the u.s. nonstop media circus, comey’s letter to 18 members of congress that says nothing other than we are looking at a few more emails that may not have any relevance to anything but we are looking at them anyway and they are from a totally different source. the media has NOT addressed the much more serious implications of a presidential candidate being sued for the alleged rape of an underage child !

    but… three emails vaguely referenced as not being relevant are all the media is covering! maybe the “weiner” aspect is more closely related to this story than we realize, even if the rape of a 13 yr old is considered not relevant to this election cycle.

    0 0

    they totally ignored him! nada… nuthin’.

    aside from the hysterical kelly anne conway ridicule to roxie hart take-off (in case anyone forgot, roxie was a murderer), the end of the show was perfect!  you KNOW tRump was glued to his teevee. unable to sleep due to his concern over how they would “dis” him… and “dis, him, they did — to perfection!

    the show ended with the beautiful song: to sir, with love — with an awesome image of president obama looming large on the screen.  as the song ended, the two stars singing held up a coffee mug saying "world’s best president” and one of them quickly and poignantly said “DON’T GO!

    to ignore tRump is the most lethal way of dealing with his ego… make him invisible on what he thought would be his big night on SNL … something he could rant and rail against tomorrow. now what can he say?  “they didn’t mention me at all and i’m PRESIDENT!!!!   

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

    0 0

    just now, on the weather channel, officials in dougherty county, georgia were BEGGING for help after tornados and storms cut a damaging swath through multiple small towns.  the extensive damage caused by the storms and tornados caused multiple fatalities, destroyed homes and multiple businesses, including proctor & gamble and coats & clarks facilities. 

    ft stewart military base was damaged (no injuries) and a major power line supplying electricity to the region was destroyed.  many people are still missing and feared dead.

    the official speaking, no...pleading, for help repeatedly stated they did not need money but resources. he stated that he personally flew to washington to ask for fema aid and how difficult it is for proud people to ask for help.

    what is happening in georgia today has not been resolved, but there was an important executive order signed today to remove part of the aca that will enable employers to opt out of funding healthcare.

    priorities. and circles … dantesque circles … and it is all coming to pass from day one.  the storms raged in georgia while the band played on — and the storms continue to move up the coast.

    massive snowfall, mudslides in california, record snowfall in many states, flooding and storms throughout the states.

    will a tweet make it better? will lack of healthcare repair the broken bones left in the wake of storms? will the new part time resident in the whitehouse finally realise it is HIS responsibility to “fix” the damage?

    already, the stress is showing — what toll will it take on america to finally prove that the presidency isn’t an apprenticeship or reality teevee show where the director yells CUT! and the scene is reset for a different outcome.

    and, so it begins.

    welcome to hell… how long it takes to emerge from the abyss is unknown, but, hopefully, some will survive to tell the tale of how america lost its ability to see reality vs fiction.

    frankly, i fear this is only the befinning of our long journey into the depths of despair.

    0 0

    standing in front of my tv flipping the bird with both hands at kac, brannon and tRump as they get ready to leave for joint session.

    i know they can’t see me, but i DO feel better! better than throwing a shoe and having to buy a new tv.  or….

    maybe i’ll just switch back to criminal minds instead.

    feel free to slam, slander, annoy, vex, chastise, glower, gnash, scream, throw things (soft so as not to break valuable electronics) below…

    0 0

    today, got into a brief dialogue with a 30 something male who supports tRump.

    his argument is that we need a “businessman” in the white house and government and we should give him a chance.

    when i pointed out that tRump has had a minimum of four bankruptcies, his response was “well, he learned from his mistakes!"

    when i pointed out the independent dontractors were never paid, the little guys screwed, he responded again “let’s give him a chance and see what he does — he is a successful businessman!"

    when i pointed out that now all he does is sell his name, he builds nothing… this young man had no answer other than to “give him a chance..."

    we are so fucked.

    0 0

    spicer is reading a diatribe about fisa rules instead of answering blunt question regarding committees stating no wiretapping found.  everytime the reporter tries to ask him about the point blank statement saying no wiretaps, spicer shuts him down breathlessly reading long statement that is PAGES long — telling reporter he will let him have a follow up question — duh — bet he will be “out of time” before that happens… the reporter is not giving up and the msnbc crawl states “white house deflects questions over senate intel. chief’s refuting trump’s wiretap claims”.

    ha ha ha ha — bet spicy doesn’t know that crawl is there making him look even stupider — dumber and dumbest press secretary evah!

    HAH HAH — the reporter didn’t miss a beat — went right back to it — and spicey is now quoting what he just read… but the reporter said “i don’t need that real long answer” and the reporters laughed!

    spicey sputters!  “BUT you’re mischaracterizing what happened today!”.

    he is trying to shout down the reporters — it isn’t working.  spicey should learn he can’t win by overtalking — it just pisses reporters off — and FINALLY they are striking back.  one reporter just pointed out he is quoting sean hannity instead of the intelligence committee — spicey replied that he is “cherry picking” and there was audible laughter by the reporters…

    one of the reporters is now overtalking spicey — this is rich!  i need to start watching these pressers — they are pushing back on the nonsense!

    0 0

    i’ve been wondering for a while since the heavy advertising for dna testing to determine your “ancestry” on these sites like  the method is so simple. just swab and send and get added to their database and find out your ancestry through your dna profile.

    now that sounds neat, right?


    i’ve had this lingering question for a while:  could these dna profiles and records of those who submit their dna be subpoena’d by law enforcement and, if yes, for what reasons?

    from website:

    Requests for Ancestry User Information
    Ancestry requires valid legal process in order to produce information about our users. We comply with legitimate requests in accordance with applicable law and our Privacy Statements.

    Law Enforcement Requests Outside the United States:
    Depending on the jurisdiction of the requesting law enforcement agency, a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request or letter rogatory may be required to compel the disclosure of records. This is because our users’ account data can only be accessed by Operations Inc. (located in the United States) and Ancestry Information Operations Unlimited Company (located in Ireland). International law enforcement authorities may also submit requests for emergency disclosure. We will provide responsive records in accordance with applicable law and our policies.

    Law Enforcement Requests in the United States:
    Ancestry will release basic subscriber information as defined in 18 USC § 2703(c)(2) about Ancestry users to law enforcement only in response to a valid trial, grand jury or administrative subpoena.

    Ancestry will release additional account information or transactional information pertaining to an account (such as search terms, but not including the contents of communications) only in response to a court order issued pursuant to 18 USC § 2703(d).

    Contents of communications and any data relating to the health or DNA of an Ancestry user will be released only pursuant to a valid search warrant from a government agency with proper jurisdiction.

    If we receive a valid request under U.S. law to preserve records that constitute potentially relevant evidence in legal proceedings, we will preserve, but not disclose, a temporary snapshot of the relevant account records for 90 days pending service of valid legal process as described above.

    How We Respond to Legal Requests
    Respect for the privacy and security of our users’ account data drives our approach to complying with legal requests for information. When we receive a request our team reviews it to make sure it satisfies legal requirements and our policies. If we believe a request is overly broad, we will try to narrow it to the extent legally permitted.

    How to Request Ancestry User Information
    Ancestry responds to valid legal process issued in compliance with applicable law.

    When requesting user account information, please include:

    • If available/known, the full name of the subject Ancestry account holder, the account holder’s username and the email and/or mailing address associated with the account(s);
    • Details about what specific information is requested (e.g., basic subscriber information) and its relationship to the investigation. We are unable to process overly broad or vague requests; and
    • A valid official email address (e.g., so we may get back in touch with you upon receipt of your legal process.

    Requests should be made in writing and should be submitted by certified mail, express courier, or in person at the addresses listed below; and an additional copy may be sent by email. We do not accept legal process by email or fax unless the request is an emergency request. Our contact information is available at the bottom of this Guide. Written requests must be made on law enforcement letterhead and be signed by the responsible law enforcement officer.

    We Will Notify Users of Requests Unless Prohibited From Doing So
    Our policy for all requests is to notify users of the request and provide a copy of the request prior to disclosure, unless we are legally restricted from doing so. In the United States, law enforcement officials may prevent this disclosure by submitting a court order pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2705(b) or equivalent state statute that is signed by a judge. We will evaluate requests not to notify users from law enforcement outside the U.S. under applicable law. For all requests, we may also decide, in our sole discretion, not to notify the user if doing so would be counterproductive and we are legally permitted to do so.

    well, looks like the answer is yes — not just to local law enforcement, but also through international legal requests, as well.

    why should this bother you or me? how about hackability? how secure are their servers? what is the value of that data to an outside company (think insurance, large corporations, pharmaceutical industry).

    well, in the troubled times we now are in, i am not at all comfortable with access to determinate “fingerprints” through DNA being kept in a private, hackable, unsecured business.  nor am i at ease with the ability of law enforcement to obtain DNA through such an indirect method.  

    mistakes can be and are made in record keeping. errors are made in the testing done on the forensic level that would prevent mistakes being made?  what protocols are used?  having a subpoena issued without the subject’s knowledge of an investigation taking place also puts that information into hands that are not necessarily trustworthy.

    with the congress trying to push through laws demanding that employees submit dna samples to be employed… where do we go next?  when did we lose total right to privacy?


    if you were thinking of sending out that little swab of spit… maybe time to rethink it?

    not just your DNA … your relatives could cause a problem!  this story in wired shares a man who was taken into custody due to similar alleles to his profile — due to shared alleles with his father who was in the police dna familial database. 

    The bewildered Usry soon learned that he was a suspect in the 1996 murder of an Idaho Falls teenager named Angie Dodge. Though a man had been convicted of that crime after giving an iffy confession, his DNA didn’t match what was found at the crime scene. Detectives had focused on Usry after running a familial DNA search, a technique that allows investigators to identify suspects who don’t have DNA in a law enforcement database but whose close relatives have had their genetic profiles cataloged. In Usry’s case the crime scene DNA bore numerous similarities to that of Usry’s father, who years earlier had donated a DNA sample to a genealogy project through his Mormon church in Mississippi. That project’s database was later purchased by Ancestry, which made it publicly searchable—a decision that didn’t take into account the possibility that cops might someday use it to hunt for genetic leads.  [emphasis mine]

    let me repeat this: this is the database that was purchased by Ancestry, which made it publically searchable.  the wired article continues:

    Familial DNA searching is only going to get more prevalent as the cost of rapid DNA analysis plummets and the size of genetic databases swells. States must start putting rules in place to protect citizens, beginning by prohibiting police from running searches through nongovernmental databases, as happened in Usry’s case. This is not only because of privacy concerns—the people who contribute their DNA to such endeavors, whether medical or genealogical, rarely expect to have their genetic code scrutinized by cops—but also because those databases haven’t been vetted for use by law enforcement. Police in Idaho Falls, for example, were able to obtain a warrant for Usry’s cheek cells because his father’s DNA “matched 34 of 35 alleles” of that of Angie Dodge’s killer. But how common are those particular alleles in the general population? Does this even mean that there is a familial link? This isn’t entirely clear. (Ancestry, which gave Idaho Falls police the name of Usry’s father in response to a court order, has since shut down the database in question because, the company said, the “site [had] been used for purposes other than that [for] which it was intended.”)

    in october of  2015, people were being warned about using sites such as Ancestry and 23andMe…In an article written for Fusion, 

    When companies like and 23andMe first invited people to send in their DNA for genealogy tracing and medical diagnostic tests, privacy advocates warned about the creation of giant genetic databases that might one day be used against participants by law enforcement. DNA, after all, can be a key to solving crimes. It “has serious information about you and your family,” genetic privacy advocate Jeremy Gruber told me back in 2010 when such services were just getting popular.

    now, 23andMe has a “privacy officer” that is supposed to ensure the data is properly handled (hello, wikileaks? sure...)  

    23andMe’s first privacy officer Kate Black, who joined the company in February, says 23andMe plans to launch a transparency report, like those published by Google, Facebook and Twitter, within the next month or so. The report, she says, will reveal how many government requests for information the company has received, and presumably, how many it complies with. (Update: The company released the report a week later.)

    “In the event we are required by law to make a disclosure, we will notify the affected customer through the contact information provided to us, unless doing so would violate the law or a court order,” said Black by email.

    Ancestry has subsequently taken the publically searchable database offline, however, neither site has (that i can find) published any information on the number of requests submitted by law enforcement sites.  up until the public searchable site was removed, however, all an officer would have to do would be to join the sites.

    As NYU law professor Erin Murphy told the New Orleans Advocate regarding the Usry case, gathering DNA information is “a series of totally reasonable steps by law enforcement.” If you’re a cop trying to solve a crime, and you have DNA at your disposal, you’re going to want to use it to further your investigation. But the fact that your signing up for 23andMe or means that you and all of your current and future family members could become genetic criminal suspects is not something most users probably have in mind when trying to find out where their ancestors came from.

    “It has this really Orwellian state feeling to it,” Murphy said to the Advocate.

    If the idea of investigators poking through your DNA freaks you out, both and 23andMe have options to delete your information with the sites. 23andMe says it will delete information within 30 days upon request.   [emphasis mine]

    i’m thinking too little, too late.  even with deleting the information, we all know that NOTHING ever disappears from the web...

    0 0

    once again, the man who puts the twit in twitter is deleting tweets after they are posted, copied, mocked and (hopefully) being collected somewhere for future purposes.  ALL of his tweets during the intel committee are :::POOF::: gone!

    The Presidential Records Act (PRA) of 1978, 44 U.S.C. §§ 22012207, is an Act of Congress of the United Statesgoverning the official records of Presidents and Vice Presidents created or received after January 20, 1981, and mandating the preservation of all presidential records. The PRA changed the legal ownership of the official records of the President from private to public, and established a new statutory structure under which Presidents must manage their records.

    Specifically, the Presidential Records Act:

    • Defines and states public ownership of the records.
    • Places the responsibility for the custody and management of incumbent Presidential records with the President.
    • Allows the incumbent President to dispose of records that no longer have administrative, historical, informational, or evidentiary value, once he has obtained the views of the Archivist of the United States on the proposed disposal.
    • Requires that the President and his staff take all practical steps to file personal records separately from Presidential records.
    • Establishes a process for restriction and public access to these records. Specifically, the PRA allows for public access to Presidential records through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) beginning five years after the end of the Administration, but allows the President to invoke as many as six specific restrictions to public access for up to twelve years. The PRA also establishes procedures for Congress, courts, and subsequent administrations to obtain special access to records that remain closed to the public, following a 30‑day notice period to the former and current Presidents.
    • Requires that Vice-Presidential records are to be treated in the same way as Presidential records.


      since the presidential records act of 1978 clearly states that all writings and records are to be preserved UNLESS approval of the archivist is obtained, what is being done to ensure this “record, of the (diminished) mind of 45 is being kept, as required by law.  these tweets are not “private notes” to himself. the tweets are from the elected (with a little help from his comrades) resident of the white house.

      who has oversight to ensure the records are not altered, deleted (oops! too late) and preserved?

      2018. we MUST secure the house and senate. and, wouldn’t it be delicious if the missing tweets took down the orange monkey!

      just sayin'

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    • 03/23/17--13:09: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    • FOUND the screenshot thanks to lawrence o’donnell show on 3/23.

      tRump is giving a press conference … with his new once again dyed gold hair.

      the lighting makes him look TOTALLY BALD!!!!

      i wonder if the lighting guy has a sense of karmic humor!

      trying to find a screen grab or link… through the hysterical laughter!

      yep. that really IS the orange buffoon sitting center!


      0 0

      just coming in right now… more to follow!

      he will be replaced by three republicans to head the russia probe.

      there was a meeting, according to msnbc report just happening… he stepped outside then the announcement was made. seems the decision was made quickly.

      more as it comes out but trey benghazzzzi is one of the three taking over.  sheesh!

      mike conoway, trey gowdy and tom rooney will share charing the committee according to cnbc

      Embattled House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes will temporarily step down from the panel's Russia investigation.

      In a statement Thursday, the California Republican said Rep. Mike Conaway will take control of the probe, with "assistance" from fellow Republicans Reps. Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney.

      nunes isn’t off the hook yet, however.

      Also Thursday, the House Ethics Committee confirmed it is looking into allegations that Nunes "may have made unauthorized disclosures of classified information."

      Nunes, a supporter of President Donald Trump, said he will still serve as the committee's chairman and carry out his other responsibilities in the position.

      0 0

      with the attack on the syrian people by assad, will this be the excuse for trump to exercise the ultimate power — to order people killed.  with any response he makes, will trump appear to be the “strong leader” in a time of “crisis”.

      lindsay graham and john mccain are pushing for an attack to ground the war planes of syria with graham claiming if trump doesn’t “act”,  this would be “obama on steroids”.

      the media is breathlessly playing into this warlike posturing and saying that trump will not be “working with” russia in search of a solution.

      now, not trying to suggest collusion, but how better to redeem trump from his “russian problem” than to have him go head to toe against russia over this syrian atrocity.

      i can’t help but wonder if assad is no longer “useful” to putin so this is a clever way to protect trump while building his presidential credibility.

      maybe i am just getting too jaded nowadays, but something smells ...the timing, the talk of a u.s. ground war to topple assad (msnbc language just now), more limited strikes to take out planes or individuals...all to let the manchild play with his war toys.

      are there no sane heads left in washington?  and how will the rest of the world react to what ever actions the narcissistic buffoon may take.

      trump just issued a statement that is filled with his usual simplistic bigly statements with no substance.  

      0 0

      this story is breaking right now on sky news a large truck ran over pedestrians before plowing into the crowd on drottningattan st. in stockholm, sweden.  at least three people have been killed. shots were also heard at the scene.

      is this the beginning of retaliation for the syrian strike?  

      it seems tRump is starting his war on muslims and isis is responding.

      for additional information, here are more links.…

      and cbs is starting to report here

      0 0

      trump just had a protester thrown out of his pennsylvania rally just now!

      his base went crazy.  well, the crowd already IS crazy!

      now he is attacking the nytimes!  WHY is this buffoon getting live coverage of this cvile monster who is anti-everything american!

      ok. i’m done. can’t stomach any more of this creep...getting nauseaus already!

      we are in deep, deep trouble and we are paying for his “rally”....

      0 0

      breaking right now! just appointed!

      mueller was director of the fbi from 2001 until 1913, he brings gravitas to this investigation and he should have the ear of current fbi agents!  

      mueller also worked investigating  money laundering, so he is an excellent pick for this job!

      perhaps this is rosenstein’s way of trying to salvage his reputation!

      mueller is the second longest fbi director after hoover! president obama asked him to stay on after his ten year term expired. he left when comey was appointed and he knows comey well.  this does not bode well for trump!

      here is q link to hunter’s diary on front page.  seems everyone wants to diary this so i’m going to shut this one down even if i DID hreak it first!  😏

      hunter's diary

      0 0

      this sleasebag is all OVER the media claiming trump hasn’t ibstructed justice cuz president.  he is the epitome of an obfuscating lawyer with no morals.  ever since the oj fiasco, this man makes me nauseous and now, he is hogging the spotlight to defend trump.

      my guess? he is trying to get hired by trump as his personal lawyer.  

      i loathe enablers and dershoshit is the worst kind! he is trying to throw as much mud into this cesspool as possible to give trump and his base cover.

      just my opinion and i’m sticking to it....

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    • 06/04/17--11:36: scott pruitt is delusional.
    • on meet the press? with chuck todd… pruitt 

      is totally off the wall!  john kerry giving no quarter over pullout, compares trump denying climate change ro o.j. looking for “real killer"

      al gore eviscerating the decision.

      pruitt claiming merhane more potent than co2. trump to outlaw cow farts in near future.

      watch the re-run. worth it for the o.j. comment. john kerry won the sunday presser today, imho.

      0 0

      right now, in ohio, tRump is giving a speech and has lapsed into his mesmerizing “it will be great!” and his other catch phrases that mean absolutely nothing!

      the stand out comment so far was when he described the meeting with the 50 muslim heads as the “greatest meeting in the world!?|” ` “there has never been another meeting like it!”

      this was peppered in between his “believe me” and “my campaign” and blaming democrats for stopping the republican held congress, senate and white house for being able to enact his agenda…

      he also is rambling and thanking all the people who helped in “that event”— building the inland waterways and who are now dead… duh!

      he is rambling about the erie canal, the infrastructure, his experience as a builder, obamacare in a death spiral — ALL of it is jumbled and incoherent but there are moments of catch phrases that are his usual fare…

      i am sure this crowd will be glad when this is over — they are applauding his “we will hire america, we will buy american”— (smattering of clapping) then off on another tangent of nonsensical stringing together phrases that worked in the campaign.

      it is so disjointed that msnbc is overtalking him and cutting him off — before their audience goes to sleep, too!  they shut him down before he closed the speech — they cut off his “punch line”— punchy and incoherent!  i hope there is a transcript of this — he is incoherent!


      0 0

      cnn points out tRump is reinstating the cold war with cuba amid shouts of TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!, the orange cheeto reinstated the embargo and travel ban.  his rally was intertwined by a mob scraming TRUMP! as he grinned like an idiot.

      his rally incited the crowd with red meat as he listed old charges about human rights, demanded that cuba hold free elections and spewed wild accusations about the castro refime.  

      as he focused on moving backward in u.s. relations with this tiny island over human rights, he loudly proclaimed  ,it will end!”, referring to that nation’s government… then lapsed into his usual “we will forger a much stronger and better path, we will make a deal, a much better deal..."

      then he stated that every nation had a right to chart their own path and “we will respect cuban sovereignty… but we will respect the cuban people ...” then he rambled on about how ,we reject it...” then on to talking about a little boy…

      this speech makes NO sense… none whatsoever.

      and the glaring elephant i. the room is saudi arabiad the human rights abuses…. but i guess raul castro didn’t give trump a sword dance and big party and gold necklace.

      trump is back on the election, crowd started to sing happy birthday and he cut them off a few sour notes in … and now he is signing the rollback of president obama’s executive order on cuba.

      and the crowd shouted his name and he posed.

      is anyone else watching? this is surreal and scary.  he is fucking nuts!

      in actuality, his rhetoric isn’t consistant with what he is signing. most of the obama policy remains in place. this was a flagrant playing to the crowd and, as cnn said, he was clearly enjoying the crowd! and, as usual, he lied to the crowd, again.

      0 0

      he wanders off blasting nato and claiming money is pouring in because.. tRump.

      he can barely read the script… badly written, probably by jared, but his delivery is pathetic… then he weirdly adlibs.  droning on about “reciprocal” trade deals ( a swipe at germany without mentioning the country.

      he referenced the “big criwd”— guess no one told him the government is bussing that crowd in.

      now come the questions:

      first about n. korea’s actions — and then morphed into the wrestling thing… and cnn. dumbass isnores the n.k. part and immediately goes on attack on cnn as fake news, then saying msnbc is equally as bad despite the fact he “made them a fortune"

      he claims he wants “honest beautiful free press” not fake news.

      now he is addressing n.k. and claiming obama made big mistake …. he won’t tell what he will do… rambling.

      next question about press freedoms and clamping down on courts in poland… pres. duda defending that clamping down.

      0 0
      0 0

      tonite, rachel has not disappointed with her teaser from last night.

      her show got a “document” purported to show a connection between a trump campaign member colluding with the russians to interfere with the election. the only little problem is that it is a forgery!

      her staff found the hidden fingerprint that identifies the printer and serial number (yes, every color printer has one) that is the same as the one on the reality winner docs and the doc she received also has remnants of the crease in the winner doc.  the fakes appear to be produced before the intercept published the winner docs.

      the text is a cut and paste of the alleged explosive doc from the nsa that also violates nsa protocol (like, naming an american citizen in the report, strange spacing and more).

      maddow correctly points out that the release of similar explosive disclosures that then had to be retracted have occurred in the past (dan rather and cbs were mentioned) — which, in my mind, does not spell “russian”.

      she also points out that this appears to be an attempt to discredit the news media and she clearly offers this as a red flag to other media outlets!

      she took the fake they spotted to multiple nsa folk who all agreed the document sent to maddow is a fake...forged to look tantalizing but easily discredited after it would have been published, thus discrediting whoever published it!

      go watch the show!

      and, do you remember how to spell “dirty tricks”?

      0 0

      This story just gets more fantasmagorical!  

      NBC has broken the news that a “former”  Russian Counter Intelligence Officer was in the meeting between Don, Jr, Manafort, Kushner and the Russian Lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya.

      The fifth man whose identity has not been made public is described a Russian born U.S. citizen who is currently a lobbyist and former counter intelligence officer for Russia. Veselnitskaya, has confirmed she was “with someone” but refused to reveal the name of that person.  

      The reporter that revealed this information has personally interviewed the fifth man and has uncovered his name and ties to the Russian spy organization.

      This stunning revelation comes on the conclusion of the Trump, Jr interview with Sean Hannity where Jr. stated that there was nothing else to the “story”— the “nothing burger” that took place in June of 2016.

      The timeline for the Trumpshow is fascinating — the meeting with the lawyer and unknown intelligence agent happened hours prior to Trump Sr. announcing that he would have major dirt of Clinton within a “few days”— and the comments from Trump Jr’s emails that state that the news would be good for use in a few weeks — the timeline when the DNC emails started to appear.

      Further adding to the cover up of the collusion, when Jared Kushner first filed for his security clearance in January, 2017, he didn’t disclose any meetings with Russian or other foreign agents (or the sanctioned VEB Bank.  His excuse? His aide hit “send” before he had completed his forms.

      Kushner stated he would amend his forms to include those contacts — which, as of mid April, he had not done.

      He did not amend his forms until June 23, yet has JUST amended the forms yet again adding over 100 contacts he has had with foreign representatives.


      According to the Times article, this latest form filed by Kushner included the meeting with Veselnitskaya at the Trump Tower.

      This is just unfolding — will update as more information comes in — but the situation is growing more toxic by the minute.  

      Russian interference is now confirmed by one non-anonymous sourse — actually, two:  Donald Trump Jr and Jared Kushner.

      So much for that “witch-hunt” scenario!  

      When the Trump Clown Show loses Trey Gowdy, it would appear that the curtain will be coming down… sooner rather than later!

      0 0

      Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Moran have joined Sen Collins and Sen Paul in saying they will vote NO on the motion to proceed for this version of TrumpDon’tCare!

      Sen. Lee tweeted out the announcement as follows:


      Sen. Moran also tweeted the following:



      As for now, the Republicans and Mitch McConnell are four votes short of passing this highly unpopular attempt to strangle American healthcare!

      Senator Lee has made a formal statement on his website here:

      Press Releases

      WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Monday regarding the Better Care Reconciliation Act:

      “After conferring with trusted experts regarding the latest version of the Consumer Freedom Amendment, I have decided I cannot support the current version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act,” Sen. Lee said. “In addition to not repealing all of the Obamacare taxes, it doesn’t go far enough in lowering premiums for middle class families; nor does it create enough free space from the most costly Obamacare regulations.”

      Here is the full statement by Senator Moran:


      The floodgates are opening while the tRump family obnoxious are still holding their fingers in multiple leaks in the “wall”.